Why I didn’t go to college?

Reasons for dropping out of college

Sad but true!

Every youngster wants to start earning as quickly as possible. And I was no different from you. I also desired to make maximum money in the shortest time. And I am sure that’s what you really want to do when you think to drop out of college.

There could be many reasons-

1. You want to become a millionaire before the age of 25 years.

2. You may don’t know what you want to become and you might have opted for a course because your parents wanted you to become a Doctor, Engineer or an Accountant.

3. You were not provided the guidance.

4. Due to your family conditions or any social or financial factors.

    So, there could be many reasons.

    That’s what I did.

    I started writing my reasons in a diary with a WHY

    I want you to do exactly what I did, note down the reasons why you want to quit your college or Uni?

    Well, to be honest. I dropped out of my Engineering twice not just once.

    I thought Electronics & comm might not be a better choice because it involved the study of diodes & circuits.

    Then I opted for Mechanical engineering and this involved a lot of labor work.

    Excuses, you know.

    I wasn’t motivated. Why?

    Because I didn’t want to become an engineer.

    So, what I am doing today to earn the bread & butter for my family.

    I knew that you would really want to know that. Guess what?

    It wasn’t just bread & butter for me. I love good dishes and If I just wanted the bread & butter, my limited thinking would have not let me grow in life.

    I am working in the best profession in the World.

    Do you know what’s that?

    Any guesses before you scroll down!

    Well, I am not an actor but the actors also do something similar to what I am doing today.

    Alright, what does an actor do on-screen? He sells himself in front of millions of people.

    Yes, I am in Sales and I love selling.

    I always knew it that I have a knack for communicating with people, selling, solving problems, providing solutions, bringing smiles on people’s faces with my humor and so on. There are 100’s of reasons.

    I realized that when I again quit my engineering course.

    I was searching for different ideas and I started thinking that everyone around me was providing suggestions that if you won’t have a degree, you won’t get a good job and your life will be ruined. And that was the time when I wanted these answers desperately. I wanted to know what happens to all those who don’t have a degree?

    What is important?

    Is that being educated or being knowledgeable?

    And the SMART answer is being knowledgeable.

    You could have multiple degrees but limited knowledge. Yea, that may land you in a job but doesn’t guarantee success.

    Ask a question to yourself- what would you want to be?

    Would you want to be someone who is confined in a cubicle and doing something monotonous and helping someone else to build his dream and you hate doing that but you don’t have any choice?

    Because your Imagination and thinking are now confined within a small cubicle that is limiting your success.

    Not against the job. There are many who have become a CEO within a company.

    I am not either against studying or pushing anyone else to stop studying.

    Do What You Really Love

    Study what you really love to do then you would become what you want to be.

    Now, when I dropped out of my college and that too twice. I worked in sales.

    Also, at the same time, I pursued my education through distance learning and upon gaining the bachelors, I further studied and completed another Diploma into business management and the list is ongoing. (Read about me section.)

    So, what are you trying to say?

    You dropped out but what do you want us to do?

    I dropped for a reason and that was to come out of the rat race first.

    People around were forcing me to follow what other students of my age group were doing. I didn’t like to follow the trend. I always wanted to do what I want to do.

    And the point is- you should also do what you would like to do and not what people around you want you to do.

    Yea, that’s the point.

    10-tips, I wish I was given earlier.

    1. Think big and work accordingly.

    2. Plan your life (make SMART goals)

    3. Focus on gaining knowledge and not on degrees/certificates.

    4. Follow your passion.

    5. Be responsible & accountable for your decisions

    6. Don’t blame others for your failure or give any excuses.

    7. Patience is the key.

    8. Invest in self-development.

    9. Travel to learn

    10. Value relationships.

      These are the top 10 advice that I can offer you based on my experience.

      Yes, you can read all the success stories in the world but you won’t learn from them. Read the failure stories and identify problems and then focus your mind on finding the solutions.

      Shift your focus from problems to solutions. That’s how all the successful entrepreneurs think.

      Highly recommended 2 books that will help you change your mindset.

      Elon Musk

      Think and grow rich

      I hope that you have learned something valuable here.

      Don’t forget to share this with your mates and the people whom you care for.

      Stay motivated. XX


      Love & Respect


      Luv Khattar



      Tracy · August 28, 2019 at 5:53 pm

      I just bought the book, Elon musk and I’m surely going to start reading tonight. Unlike you, I never summoned the courage to quit school even though I suck at it. I just kept on going till I graduated and got certification before it clicked in me that I never truly want the certificate and all I crave for is to be wealthy while working in my terms. This helped me to change my manner of reasoning and I decided against working with the certificate but rather, became a blogger and an affiliate marketer. Though, my progress is not too much to boast about but atleast, I make 4figures in every month. Knowledge is more valuable than academic education and should be given more priority rather than narrowing our thinking to just the status quo.

      Petra · August 28, 2019 at 5:53 pm

      I know college isn’t for everyone, but somehow everyone is being pushed in the same direction. I know it myself. I didn’t drop out because I thought I had to have a degree to get somewhere in life. Well… It didn’t quite work that way. 

      I’m sure it works for many people, but I have to agree with your 10-step plan. Traveling really opens your mind and makes you hungry for more. If you get a chance even live in a different country for a while. Really get out of your comfort zone. It’ll change you forever.

      And be persistent with following your dream. 

      Taetske · August 28, 2019 at 6:05 pm

      Good Morning Luv,

      I was not a success in school either so when I was 15 and my parents were slightly desperate by then they sent me to other countries to learn languages. That was a good idea. In total, I learned 6 languages in my life of which I still speak and write 4. I traveled the world working in the tourism business and I think I can be happy with the life I lived.

      I do not have a degree but have experienced a rich life so I have nothing to complain about. In January 2017 I started 2 websites and since then I have learned a lot at the same time spreading the news of things I find interesting and valuable. Having found the internet I have come to realize that the world is full of possibilities and you only need a computer.

      You are right that having patience is very important but there really are no limits to imagination. Thank you for a nice and uplifting post.

      Regards, Taetske

      gr8megawinner · August 28, 2019 at 6:14 pm

      On “Why I Dropped College, The Best Decision I Took” he explained that following your heart and what you love and what you are passionate about doing is the most important thing in achieving true success in a sense. The author has amazingly pointed out the zombie-like routine of ordinary people. go to school and be an employee. While new thinks and successful minded people like the author created their own success story with an advise which I found very important in reaching the same result in life. They are if I remember them right are plan our life, as soon as we can but be SMART, which means be specific, the plan must measurable, achievable, realistic is time-bound. another great advice is: Be responsible and accountable for all your decisions. Don’t blame others for your failures. Patience is the key. Patience is what makes everything perfect. Investing in self-development is part of being a success. Travel to learn, Think big and work on it and value relationship. They are very fresh to me in terms of lists of suggestions for success. He finished the post by recommending the books Elon Musk Think and Grow Rich. Useful and important for self-development.

      rmjia · August 28, 2019 at 6:30 pm

      I have read Think and Grow Rich. I highly recommend this book as it is very well written with many true life examples supporting it. I have not read Elon Musk. I will be interested to find out. Thanks for the recommendations. There are surely many valuable lessons to learn from success and failure stories.

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