The Unbeatable Reasons To Join Wealthy Affiliates.

20 Points, Why You Should Join Wealthy Affiliates Now.

1. Introduction about WA

2. Why I joined WA

3. How is it different from another affiliate network?

4. What sort of training is offered in WA?

5. How can you start your online business today?

6. Learn about using keywords that help you build traffic without paying for any ads

7. Let me share with you how to make money with affiliate marketing

8. Free hosting, security, and real cheap costs for buying domain names through WA

9. Build your free website now and become a premium member later.

10. Learn to build your website with me. Watch this video.

11. Are you not sure of choosing a product for your website, let me help you?

12.  Do you know you can make money through writing blogs?

13. You can learn about placing and using ads to attract more customers.

14. Build a WordPress website like a pro

15. The resources and tools that you can’t expect anywhere are available for free within WA

16. The community support is the greatest of all. Connect with like-minded people.

17. Don’t forget to learn and take advantage of free tools for promotion such as social media, email marketing, YouTube and many more.

18. Generate a passive income source slowly.

19. Understand the power of a Website. What a website can do for you?

20. Join today for free and if you upgrade to premium you can avail massive discounts today.

    Introduction & Why I joined WA?

    What is Wealthy Affiliate and Why I joined WA but no other affiliate marketing company than WA?

    The information that is shared about WA will help you understand how it is different from other companies and what was my only reason to join WA.

    I was lucky to be introduced to WA. I was looking around for the additional sources of income and that too something that will help me build a business model in which I don’t have to invest a lot of my time and it works of its own.

    An automated business model I call this as!

    You may be thinking, what a joke it is?

    That is exactly how I felt before. You need to understand the power of compounding first and then come to the conclusion.

    What is Compounding?

    It may sound a bit tricky to explain what is the power of compounding but let me try.

    So, compounding is something that multiplies itself on regular intervals. An example- when you invest money into mutual funds, fixed deposits for long terms and other long-term investment schemes. These all work on the principle of compounding.

    Your money gets multiplied using the compounding formula.


    where A is the amount

    P is principal

    R- Interest rate

    N is time

    Don’t worry, you don’t have to use this formula to understand the compounding principle. I have just used it for reference only. Some people want to get into logic and this formula is for them.

    But actually, when this comes to Network Marketing, the concept becomes more easy to understand. Let’s now get to know about Network marketing principle and how this is related to the compounding principle.

    Network Marketing

    I am not sure if anyone is familiar with the principle of network marketing or not but it also works on the compounding principle. When you invite 2 guests and they join then the other 2 invites more guests and get them to join others and this goes on and on.

    So, you only placed effort into getting the joining of the first 2 people and that’s how it works.

    Similarly, affiliate marketing works. Initially, your efforts seem to be like climbing a mountain but when you have done all the efforts and there is regular traffic coming to your website and then the people who are visiting your website make purchases, you start getting paid the commission for that.

    These purchases are through Amazon, ClickBank or any other E-commerce companies. You can understand more about affiliate marketing here.

    Click to get information about- how to become an affiliate marketer and make money online?

    Why I Joined Wealthy Affiliates?

    There is learning and only learning within WA and which is the only motivating factor for me to join the community & group of 1000’s of like-minded individuals.

    One can certainly look around and find the shorter ways to do something but I have explored all those mediums.

    The short cuts are in fact costlier than the WA because one will end up spending more money in building up a website and placing ads on Google, Facebook, and YouTube.

    You are not gaining any knowledge. Working on the basics and then moving on to apply the knowledge gets you success faster.

    The other affiliate marketing companies don’t talk about using the right keywords but it’s more of guesswork with them.

    What Do You Do To Start A New Business? No Guesswork, right!

    When you go out and want to start something of your own and want to invest time and money, you need to make sure that you have done enough research before starting a new business. And when you know what your customer wants then the journey becomes a lot easier than ever.

    Because you understand what your customer wants.

    What product would you like to sell on your Website, know more about selecting a niche below?

    The training at Wealthy Affiliates is really easy to understand.

    I haven’t been technical but at WA, the training process is super easy to implement in real life and the result is my Website that you are browsing.

    It’s All About Getting Trained.

    The training is really basic and has helped me personally increase my knowledge about online marketing & business skills that I lacked.

    You wouldn’t believe I started with a website and now within a month and a half, I have 3 websites that I have build of my own.

    I have learned what a website can do for me? I wish I knew this earlier.

    Make money by being online and promote your business globally.

    Let’s Talk About Training First

    Are you the one for whom the knowledge isn’t important and you would simply want to cut, copy & paste(replicate) then your journey to success would be really long.

    Why I am saying this is because I have applied the process of replication but it doesn’t work for long.

    That’s nothing but only the truth!

    It may be possible that you might get short-term success but that’s not even guaranteed.

    I am not denying the fact that one must try to replicate the successful people’s formula for success and at the same time, one must try to implement or find a USP in their own business.

    Innovation is the key.

    Keep thinking about the ideas and implementing that’s what is taught in Wealthy Affiliate.

    It’s a new beginning to your entrepreneurial journey.

    The Training Starts With-

    Building your first ever website and there are free tutorials that helps you to create one.

    You can check my blog here, How To Build A Website using WordPress?

    YouTube Video

    Really, if a non-technical person like me can build it, believe me, anyone in the World can build it too.

    How To Find A Niche?

    In WA, I am also thankful to the trainers who helped me understand the basics of marketing and figure out a niche for my online business.

    The process of finding a niche is so simplified that it becomes easy for you to understand the selection of a product and begin your entrepreneurial journey.

    Many people don’t take a step because they don’t understand where to start or what product to sell?

    Learn How I Selected My Niche, Watch this YouTube Video-

    The Reasons Why Everyone Should Think Of Starting An Online Business

    1. Do you want to travel the World?

    2. Want an extra income or a side income.

    3. Maybe you are trying saving extra money towards your goal.

    4. You want time for yourself.

    5. You hate your job and don’t have an option.

    6. You don’t like 9-5 work culture.

      Get Trained On Social Media. 

      How to promote your business or website?

      It all begins with planning.

      You get all the training about using Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube & Google.

      Get trained in Email content marketing.

      Don’t get overwhelmed by this word, this is just emailing people about your product and supplying them the information that you think it might be useful for them.

      Just like you email a friend or a family member or maybe when you write an email to apply for a job. It’s that simple.



      Learn More About Keywords.

      Have you built your Website?

      Now is the time to market it to the World?

      Do you have a strategy?

      How Are You Going To Get The Customers To Your Store?

      There are several ways with which you can market your business.

      You will try to spread the word out there in the market, hey, I have opened a store, come check out my products.

      You could use banners, pamphlets, word of mouth marketing, Media ads and so on.

      These are all the traditional marketing methods that I am referring to when the internet wasn’t there.

      Many businesses still use it but the cost of ads are relatively higher.

      Now since the internet is here, how would you promote your business or website on the internet? 

      Don’t worry, it isn’t complicated.

      Your Business can be recognized by using some simple yet special words on the Internet.

      For example– you are a fruit seller and want to create a website and bring more customers to your shop.

      There are hundreds of people in your local region who wants to shop, so they go on google and may use a word like- where to buy fruits from or who sells the fruits locally, etc?

      Guess what– your website name will appear on google and that person can either come to your shop or make an online order using your website.

      So this means- keywords are normal words or sentences that people use to locate a business on the Internet.

      It could be something that you may generally use on a daily basis and these are very popular words that often begin with what, when, how, why or where.

      It’s not mandatory that keywords begin with a query that is why I have used often just to simplify this.

      Search Your Keywords Using Jaxxy

      Refer to my Blog on Jaaxy, How to find the best keywords?

      Don’t waste money on Ads, if you are at the early stages..

      People are often under an impression that once their website is created, the next step is to place ads either on Google or on Facebook.

      Doing SEO can help you increase traffic on your website.

      The methods that I am using are not just effective but efficient too. Start with the low-competition keywords.

      Get Free Resources For Your Online Business

      The only reason is you don’t want to face the battle until you are equipped with all the weapons. The above link provides you the trade weapons.

      Learn- How to Start an Online business today?

      It’s an exciting feeling to start your own business.

      It all breaks down to planning and executing.

      All You Need Is A Website.

      Buy your domain from SiteRubix for free today. Get your domain for free.

      You get free Webhosting, security, 1-on-1 training, affiliate marketing training and so much more with Wealthy Affiliates.

      Free training and support are provided to help you build a website using WordPress.

      You don’t need to be technical, just the basic computing skills.

      You are heading in the right direction.


      Sign up the process is really simple and easy, just takes about a minute roughly and you are given access to World’s best digital marketing and affiliate marketing learning.

      Welcome to the World of Digital Marketing and learn about Affiliate marketing.

      What is affiliate marketing and how you can make money through affiliate marketing?

      Get Instant access to my blog on- How to become an affiliate marketer and sign up with Amazon?

      Start making money right from today.

      How to make money by writing blogs

      I am very sure that there are going to be people like me who have the passion to express or communicate but they never came across a platform where their communication or expression could also help them generate money.

      Here is the opportunity now!

      And what if I tell you that during the course of time, this effort of yours will help you generate a passive income.


      Don’t worry, even if English isn’t your first language.

      All that it matters is starting from somewhere.

      How Can You Monetize Your Website

      Within Wealthy Affiliates, you are also given training on what to write.

      Work according to demand and supply. If you keep supplying the information that is no longer useful, you will not find enough conversions happening through your website.

      For example

      Google Ads– allowing google to place ads on your website. You get paid per click.


      Affiliate marketing and more ways are discussed within WA.

      Resources that you get within WA that you can’t expect anywhere.

      Have you ever calculated, how much does it cost you when you get a website build from outside, getting trained or maintaining a website, buying a domain and all that.

      Work out your costs before you plan to get your website build from somewhere else. 

      I have got all those costs that exclude the cost of promoting and maintaining your website. You will be shocked to know the numbers but what if I tell you that you can save a lot of money when you all this of your own by just giving an hour to your website daily.

      Wouldn’t you want to know, it’s about making money and saving money at the same time?

      All About SEO- Search Engine Optimization

      How do you find the keywords for your Website?

      Here is a solution for you.

      What is Jaaxy?

      Get to know more about Jaxxy here.

      Build Your Network & Connect With Like-Minded People Who Help You Grow In Life.

      The community support is the greatest of all. 

      The best thing about WA is the support that you get from all the like-minded people who want you to be successful.

      Are you a business owner, student, a housewife and want to earn a side income?

      WA is the place to learn and start to make your way through Digital Marketing/online business.

      I have seen people spending a lot of money on building Websites because people aren’t aware of how simple it is to build your own website.

      Support System- Try Before You Join- For Free.

      No Credit Or Debit Card Required.

      Wherever, whenever you get stuck, just write or request support within WA and see the beauty.

      People will come and support you unconditionally. It is all about learning and knowledge sharing. It’s about helping you grow your business.

      The networking & support within the WA community is so strong that you can expect 24×7 support all the year-round.

      Companies come and go but WA has been growing with each passing day.

      There are more than 3,00,000 active members within WA. Isn’t that awesome?

      Learn the Social media, Email marketing & YouTube tricks.

      You want to make money and WA members want to ensure that you get that support and understanding on how to actually grow your business and make some serious money. That is the reason why the foundation course is so strong that helps you build your business right from scratch.

      Awesome work that If you have built your website.

      What’s the strategy?

      How is that you are going to bring the traffic on your website?

      No traffic means no money.

      There are millions of websites out there, WA ensures that with the right set of training, you gain that understanding about how to bring traffic to your website.

      Bringing traffic is one thing but retaining is another thing.

      Understand how Social Media, Email marketing & YouTube videos can help you bring more traffic on the website.

      There are recorded tutorials and webinars that emphasize more on practical training and generating traffic.

      Get A Certificate In Online Entrepreneurship Within WA.

      The Online entrepreneurship certification program covers courses that help you begin your journey in the digital marketing world.

      The modules that are covered in the online certification program covers from building a website to achieving success within WA.

      Your definition of success could be from learning to earning.

      Well, this is what my definition is when I joined WA.

      And most of us share the common grounds where it all begins with learning and then slowly that learning starts giving us money.

      Isn’t that true?

      Generate a passive income slowly but surely.

      Passive income is no more a dream.

      I am walking towards the path where it is actually possible to generate extra earnings for myself.

      I have already discussed myself, what I do and what my goals are within WA. It is no longer a myth that earning online isn’t possible.

      It is about learning from people who are actually earning.

      This is up to you to decide what is best for you and what isn’t?

      I took the time to write a critical review about Wealthy Affiliates because I wanted to learn first and implement the learning and find the results for myself.

      And yes, I am highly satisfied with what I have learned and gained so far.

      Success requires patience.

      Clear Your Basics to gain success!

      What a website can do for you? Understand the beauty & power of a website.

      With the help of a website, you can market yourself & your product globally.

      Why do you need a website, explained here in the below video?

      Join Wealthy Affiliates Today For Free & When You Upgrade To Premium, You Can Avail Massive Discounts Right Now.

      Claim Your Bonus!

      When you join and become a premium member within 7 days, find the list of the bonuses that you will avail:

      1. Get 61% discount on your first-month Premium membership, you only pay $19.

      2. Gain access to the ultimate training resources and if you ever get stuck anywhere, you have the private access to me and support of other community members. 

      3. I am providing with my free resources/tools kit with the help of which you can increase your online sales. 

      These offers are only available to the action takers. These offers can be availed only if you become a premium member within the first 7 days.

      I am also providing you with another list with the help of which you can support people who join Wealthy Affiliates through you.

      • Free access to courses.
      • Classroom training & modules.
      • Access to unlimited Videos.
      • Live Webinars
      • Support from a large community.
      • Access to other affiliate marketing companies.



      C · September 24, 2019 at 4:56 am

      Thank you, this is a very helpful review of the wealthy affiliate platform. I appreciate how you put everything in a list of 20 points. It is nice and understandable, and easy to read. Thanks for explaining the compounding formula. I like to have a formula because it helps me understand things logically and you are the first person who ever put that in there review. So thank you!

      I totally agree that wealthy affiliate is the platform to learn everything you need to know. You are going to help a lot of beginners find wealthy affiliate with this great article. Have a good day!

      smac · September 24, 2019 at 5:01 am

      Hi What a great post!  I really enjoyed reading this, there is so much information about Wealthy Affiliate and Affiliate Marketing that if I wasn’t already a Premium Member I would be excited to join.  This is a very well put together post that shows you really know what you are talking about here.  I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to learn and grown your Online Business.  This is an absolutely amazing opportunity!  Thanks for the information.  

      Jones · September 24, 2019 at 5:04 am

      I Joined Wealthy Affiliate not long ago and I must say its been a really fantastic experience. This article is really factual and it should reach out to as many people as it can because it has many thing to offer, just like you’ve mentioned I this article. What I like most about Wealthy Affiliate is that it gives room for members to decide what they are, the 7days free trial is what determines your interest, and also the free training course is amazing. I really love WA and I’m looking forward to getting more out of it.

      SeunJeremiah · September 24, 2019 at 5:05 am

      I have been in wealthy affiliate for quite some time now, although i quit a few times but I came back. The reason why I came back is that it’s hard to find good make money online niche programs who teach and you can get an affiliate commission at the same time, overall it’s good product to promote and get recurring commission as well. 

      Roxs · September 24, 2019 at 5:16 am

      Hi Luv,

      I recently made some mistakes, like buying a domain name outside siteRubix, that was a big mistake.  Cost so much more and many of the features I needed are sold separately.  With siteRubix it’s so much better not to mention the guaranteed renewal prices.   The wealthy affiliate training program is a great way for any newbie or experts online to centralize their operation and get all the training needed to have a successful online business. 

      There’s a lot I learned here, I didn’t know that google could place ads on website and you’d get paid per click. I think my weakness is understanding how to use social media, so I’m glad that’s a part of the course outline. I have to learn how to work it into my schedule though.  I am excited to get my entrepreneurship certification too.  This site really helped me to appreciate the benefits of being a WA member.

      Thanks so much!

      Bonnie · September 24, 2019 at 5:46 am

      Gee this is a great article. I like the fact that you are offering yourself along with WA members to help out. It took me almost 2 month before I start to feel I could ask questions and maybe even answers some simple questions. 

      The thing I like about WA is there is so much to learn.  You put your web page together and if there is a problem I can go right to the training and get info from general blogs and classes just by typing in what I need answers to.

      The classes are great. When I get stuck I know that I need to go back to the classes and continue getting my certificate done. 

      I am still brand new to this affiliate marketing but, I have 2 web pages and 1 business I am working on. With 9 posts already.  

      thank you, I enjoyed your blog.

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