Money making is no more a secret!

Secrets unveiled now. Success can be guaranteed!

But you need to define how are you going to make it happen? Money plays a pivotal role in everyone’s life and it is a cause of happiness and grief. People often spend their lives running after money and sacrificing their time, health and compromising on happiness and yet they are not able to make money in abundance.

Have you ever thought about this, why you fail to make money?

And what can you do to attract money in your life to fulfill your dreams?

Certainly, these questions remain unanswered and it’s only the rich who are getting richer. What is the cause of it?

Have you ever spent time thinking about how can you make more money in your life?

I have thought about this every single day for the past 12 years and today I have got to a point that what I wrote on my wall almost 12 years ago has actually happened for me. And that is nothing but the truth.

I don’t want to call this as Law of Attraction, I mean people are there who believe in this but I don’t as a matter of fact that I had to work towards making it happen. I mean, it is a big achievement for me and this could be for anyone else too.

What Did I Do?

You can also do the same.

It’s just a matter of planning and executing. I never sat down or waited for the money to come automatically to me. I had gone through sleepless nights. Frankly, it’s a matter of working towards achieving your dream and trying to make the right choices. If you are unsure, have a mentor who can guide you in the right direction.

Well, I am not going to write that all my choices were bang on and I am someone who is born lucky. No!

I had my share of problems too, I never stopped and never ran away from facing them. You must have the will power and an acute determination to be able to succeed in life. I am not going to say the journey is going to be easy but there is nothing that is easy in this World.

Alright, The Above Paragraph Gives You The Hard Lessons Of Life.

Let’s gain some motivation.

No Pain No Gain! And that is true.

Your wants, desires and the dream actually define your life. I learned this thing very quickly, maybe because I wasn’t given everything on the plate and I had to go out of my house to look for a better life and that is how I learned.

“Think as big as you can, you are not paying the taxes to anyone for your imagination and that is the only way you grow.” Don’t stop to believe in your dreams, the dreams are the foundation of your life.

I just thought to reveal this secret today and how can anyone manifest success according to their own wish and will. Anyone can wish but the will has to be applied alongside. You can’t just be like, you wrote on a wall or a paper and have forgotten that completely. That was just not the case with me, I rather lived in the moment and believed that my dream is achievable but I have to continuously work to make it happen.

The Secret Is With You.

There is no other secret than working towards your goal or ambition in life. Many people work but they don’t get it. Ask them how badly do they want it? What will happen if they don’t get it? Are they ready to sacrifice? Have they got the willingness to compromise on their comforts during their journey?

If You Have Answered ‘Yes’. Set Up A Reminder Daily.

In fact, if you are mad about achieving something so badly in life, you shouldn’t even be reminded of your goal. Your goal must be living within you every second & every moment of your life.

Don’t Just Wait, Go Get It.

When you form a goal, don’t just keep waiting that it will happen of its own. Nothing happens itself!

While forming a Long- term goal, practice daily and learn the techniques/methods so that you get closer to your goal every day. Don’t sit in a hope that you will get a Lotto win and will become a millionaire or get the desired sum of money in your life. Make it happen.

You can’t be someone who wants to win a Lotto but doesn’t want to invest in a Lotto. Winning lotto is by chance and not by choice. It is for someone who is not having a strong vision and is dependent on luck. I am not against Lotto but what if you never got it, then?

Well, there isn’t anything bad about it but you need to understand there could other millions of people who have a desire to win the lotto and maybe stronger desire than you even and instead of buying one Lotto ticket, they are investing into buying more than 1 ticket.

What is within your control?

And I am focusing on something that is within your control.

You could be a great salesperson and with your strong desire you could become a CEO within a large organization and get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars annually and potentially you could think of starting your ownYour life's remote control is in your hands. business. You could be into IT, Engineering could be a chef and so on, there is nothing that is stopping you from achieving anything that you can dream off.

Dreams aren’t those that you saw while sleeping but they are those that you see with your opened eyes.

Don’t let your dream get vanished.

Do you know why I have got this remote control in the photo on the right, it’s because you have the remote control of your life in your hands? Control it.

You must learn to go for it.

Don’t give yourself a reason to stop. Fight for it and if you cannot form a dream for yourself then build a dream for others, be an inspiration to others out there and sooner that will become your dream.

And I don’t’ only write to inspire others but I write to inspire myself too. You gaining the inspiration would be the best ever gift that I can get. Cheers to all those who can dare to dream!

God Bless!

Luv Khattar


water life · August 19, 2019 at 11:10 pm


This post is an eye-opener. Many people today are sitting on their couch and begging for money to be dropped or anything else they want from heaven. This is not going to happen unless they do their own personal struggle. They first need to set goals, find motivation and then go outside and pursue their dreams. Your issue is a way to inspire and awaken many people who have surrendered to the uncertain and to take in their hands, as you said, the remote control of their lives. Then money will come as a magnet

    Luv Khattar · August 19, 2019 at 11:20 pm

    Totally agree with you. 

Anglewolf · August 19, 2019 at 11:13 pm

I think we all dream of winning that lotto even if we don’t play haha. You are right though we need to work at it if we want it that is for sure. I think with many we first need an idea and then direction to that plan and most of all keep at it. As humans, we expect things to happen quickly and when they don’t we tend to lead ourself down that road of change again and do not stick to the plan we were first building up. That is why I like WA it gives you the training and the motivation to keep moving forward. 

RoDarrick · August 19, 2019 at 11:19 pm

Inspiration drives success and when it is gotten from someone who has gone through the hurdles of life before reaching the peak, then motivation is restored for one to drive through. I enjoyed every part of this article because I got motivated to do more and get out of my comfort zone. Also, to face every challenges and difficulties while hoping for something greater to come. This is great! Thanks

Nazmun Nahar · August 19, 2019 at 11:22 pm


Thanks a lot for this excellent article about the secret for making money.I absolutely agree with you there are no magic word for hidden success for make money, either online or offline.   Whatever we do for making money it takes hard work and efforts. Some people play the lottery to be rich but they should understand are they have any guaranteed chance to get the money? No. But if we give time and effort to make our online business, we will definitely get results and can make money.

iToLing · August 19, 2019 at 11:48 pm

Thanks for sharing your insights, Khattar. These are the principles we have applied in our lives and are blessed for it. Perhaps it would be easier to consider the possibility… like everything else that exists… that money is just a form of energy that one has to learn to master. When we master our internal world, our external world will be a reflection of this.
In our wellness practice, we have been witness to many interesting cases. We will only name three types for brevity’s sake:
1) Wealthy people with poor physical health.
2) Wealthy people with good physical health but poor in terms of emotional health…. (and later… the body follows!) – those who end up with us have usually wasted loads of money on other unsuccessful ventures before finding us.
3) Then there are the really sad cases. Those who are challenged emotionally, physically and financially!
For us, the biggest asset we have is our health. Money is a tool that allows us more options in life…. should we wish it.
Making loads of money is good as long as our health is not compromised and remembering that there are some experiences that money cannot buy.
It is better to share it rather than to hoard it too! Hence, we have set up a registered charity as a collective to assist with trauma recovery. One of our upcoming fundraisers is to assist a select number of people recovering from trauma to master the art of making money to thrive instead of survive…. This will be an interesting venture…
Teaching others how to make money… is also important as the old saying goes, “better to teach a man how to fish than just giving him the fish”.
In our experience of making money… it is important to be clear with what our chosen belief systems are about money and also to be picky with who you spend your time with. After all, birds of a feather flock together… so if we spend time with negative people who complain about lack of money instead of those with the drive and inspiration to do better… Having good quality mentors with real lived experience also helps heaps! When you calculate your hours in a day on how much time you are spending on unproductive measures or people who bring your spirits down… that may be motivation enough!
It is in the power of authentic connection and also your own “connections” that real money is made. Authenticity and integrity are key.
We look forward to more articles from you. 🙂

    Luv Khattar · August 20, 2019 at 9:18 am

    Hi there, Thanks for commenting. I love your enthusiasm. Keep up the good work. 🙂

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