Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Companies In India.

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It’s Business time now.

Want to earn money from your home.

Get yourself equipped with Digital Marketing tools.

I am not going to discuss how to earn money from home here since I have already posted a blog in the past but I am going to share with you the list of the companies that one should really go for in order to make money from home.

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Now sign up with the top Affiliate Marketing companies of India.

But wait, before signing up you must know ABC’s of Digi Marketing.

I have seen the Digital marketing institutes where people spend heaps of money and yet fail to find the results.

Are you someone who has experienced something similar or is about to spend a huge amount of fees in some institute.

Then, wait and think twice.

If a certificate is what you want to be successful then you must transform your thinking.

Let’s find out the list of companies with the help of which you can start to earn money from home.

And if you would like to learn more about digital marketing, click on the photo below to find your answers.

Now get a chance to earn while you learn but at your own ease.

And guess what, if I tell you that your sign up is free then- Try before you pay. 

No credit/debit card or any banking details required for the signup process. Experience first before you pay. And the training that you gain is easier and simple to understand. Along with the free community support which is the amazing part to join the community with hundreds and thousands of people like you.

On my list, the number one company is-

1. Amazon India-

I have explained the process in order to sign up and become an affiliate member with Amazon.

2. Flipkart

I know you might be thinking that I have been shopping online with these companies and why the heck, I didn’t know that I can also make money without investing in any products.

The only thing one must do is to do the promotion on the company’s behalf that is the reason why the companies pay you in loads because you are running the promotion for the companies now.

3. vCommission-

One of the top brands in the Indian market. Know more by visiting their website.

A brand that has been in the market for over 10 years and trusted by thousands of affiliate marketers like me doesn’t require a big introduction.

4. Ebay

Ebay doesn’t require any introduction like Amazon. In every nook & corner of the World, Ebay is well known too.

I may miss out on the words to introduce brands like these.

5. Hostgator – Build your website using Hostgator.

One of the most trusted brands in the market that help you find the domain name and other web-services. The great part with HostGator is, you can sign up as an affiliate with them and start to promote their products too.

6. GoDaddy

I remember buying my first domain through If you have been in this industry or are about to begin. The first name that comes on anyone’s mouth is

Refer GoDaddy and make serious money through it.

7. Make My Trip

For all your domestic and foreign trips, one of the oldest yet most competent brands in India for all the ticket/railway fares, hotel booking or holidays in India or abroad, Make my trip has made it possible.

The tailored solutions for your trips that they provide are unbelievable.

I use make my trip for all my local & overseas traveling.

8. Shopify

Build Your business!

You have got the Will and they have way.

What a great way to produce entrepreneurs.

Shopify offers you multiple choices to start your business. From selling online or E-commerce to blogging and referrals. Shopify can help you build a custom-tailored website as per your requirements.

And obviously, I don’t really want to miss out on their super-value affiliate program where all the training and resources are provided to you with one-one affiliate management and guidance.

You are valued and that’s what you need, eh!

9. Aliexpress

Dropshipping a new concept in the market that has provided the options to people who would like to start their own business without having to invest in commodities.

What a wonderful idea that has transformed many lives and helped people gain enormous success.

Are you someone wanting to start their own business with no capital. Give Aliexpress a shot.

Smarter ideas transforming many lives. Be the change.

10. ClickBank

At number 10 is ClickBank. It is probably one of the oldest companies in the above. The payouts are massive with great number of products to choose from.

You name the product and guess what, you will almost end up finding the product with the Clickbank.

Easy process to signup with ClickBank.

Share this information with your friends who are new to the World of digital marketing and want to learn to earn money from home.

God bless!

Luv Khattar


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