How To Write A Blog- English Is My Second Language.

Yes, I commit grammar errors while writing but this does not stop me from writing. I have to write reports & emails too, I don’t stop.

Don’t panic. I have wasted my 7 years. I thought to start writing blogs back in the year 2012 and now it’s 2019. I got inspired by my own fear of not doing this. Someone challenged me to work on my life and face my fears and I was like hell yea!

Stop me if you can!

I am like this.

Also, if someone challenges me then it’s do-or-die. And especially, it’s happening for a cause than why shouldn’t I write and share this with people. I know there will be many people in the world like me, who stopped to take action because they worry about what society will think about them. Let the society think, who cares.

And if I can be the inspirational source for people out there then why not?

I have given you a reason why should you write a blog? What’s holding you back?

Come on. Find your Why?

Face your fear and fight back.

Fear is in your mind and the mind is controlled by you. Don’t let anyone(people) else control your mind.

You have it, what it takes to begin writing.

You are much better than you think.

Don’t judge yourself based on what happened back in the past. Give it a fresh start now.

How To Write A Blog?

I am not going to be teaching you how to write a blog as in writing a blog. Referring to English here- since English is my second language and I guess many people around the globe struggle writing a blog even though their first language is English.

There is nothing to fear!

I remember joining a community where people were complaining about writing, I know that sometimes it can be terrifying and there are going to be people who might criticize you for any reasons, don’t take them seriously.

But your mission has to be share & spreading the knowledge in the World.

There are going to be many reasons for not doing something but find that one reason that can not only change your life but others too.

There will be millions of people who will be reading your blog and might find some inspiration from that. What’s holding you back is your fear?

How To Start

I am going to share 6 key points with you all before you plan to write a Blog and explain the reasons why I have chosen these in detail. Are you ready?

1. How To Choose A Blog Topic- Website name

It’s an important aspect before you begin writing. You should be focusing on your strengths and not the weakness. You must be good with something and that could be anything- starting from your day’s activity to how you finish your day. Believe me, you will be amazed to see that there are people like you sharing similar habits and they want to improve their habits, it could be the way you have improved. Go and help them.

Alright, let me give you an example here. What is the name of my website-

And what ideas do I share with you?

All the entrepreneurial and action taking ideas in life and I am specialized into this thing.

You have an option to either choose a website under your name to begin with or simply you can choose a URL name that people can easily relate with. Remember- easy to find.

If you are a home-maker and you would like to share your experience with people about how you manage your day- it could be like, from the time you wake up –> sending kids to schools –> what you do for the rest of the day and you can share your thoughts with people.

An example for the URL could be- HOMEHUSTLE.COM

You can check the availability right here with Jaaxy.

You can search for the best SEO (search engine optimization) results here. And you can also check the website names too.

2. Where Can I Find a Domain Name From

I hope you must have figured out the name that you would like to keep for your blog. I would recommend something unique and unforgettable. And once you have decided the name, check the availability of the domain, there could be a possibility of .com not available, you can look for .org or .net.

I would highly recommend a .com domain.

And look if you are still unsure and just want to give this a try first, you have the option of going ahead with a free website.

Once you get yourself familiarize with the blog writing and promoting your blogs online then you can buy a registered domain.

I am providing you 2 options here-



What would I recommend?

I would highly recommend HostGator when you are starting up. Trying to keep the things simple for yourself. Simple as in less technical. (You can find the domain name & Webhosting at the same place).

Learn how to build a website.


3. What Is Webhosting & Where Can I Get That From

A Webhosting service is a type of Internet hosting service. It allows people and companies to make their website available on the World Wide Web (www.). Web Hosts are companies which provide space on a server which is owned or leased for use by clients. These clients store their website on the server. The server feeds the webpages on the Internet.

Many web hosting service also provided other services including file hosting service.

This definition is taken from Wikipedia.

When you start with the Siterubix, your web hosting is included.

4. What Free Themes Should I Choose

Themes are the pre-tailored or pre-designed website designs that are very easy to install and work with. Back in the past, there used be codes and languages with which programmers used to develop these themes. Nowadays, it has become really easy to install and work with the themes.

There are millions of themes out there.

For a better definition- you can visit- Wikipedia.

Themes actually make your job a lot easier to design a website the way you would want to see it. WordPress themes are really easy to use, you don’t need to be technical at all.

5. How To Write A Blog

Let’s Start!

I have defined the steps here for you all and that’s exactly how I started writing a Blog. And it’s really easy. Within a month, I have become like a Pro.

I never thought that I would be able to achieve this much within a month now you are going to ask whether if I am having any technical knowledge with me. The honest answer is “NO”. I didn’t know anything about creating my own website. I actually got a website earlier and that was back in the year 2015 and just to build that website, I paid $400 + other costs on the top.

Today, I have built this super amazing website of my own which I am feeling really proud of. With no web-building skills, I have achieved this much for myself. The sky is the limit by the way.

I have not only saved those $400 that I paid back in the past but I am impressed with the quality that I have produced. You know what you want.

Yes, I agree that I have spent time on my website. Look, I started enjoying it. And when you do something with passion & enjoyment, it’s not the time that you care, it’s the quality you really get worried about and that requires patience. (Creativity requires space)

I have got my first blog to show you and that was really poor content. I am not ashamed to say that it is really poor but that shows my efforts & dedication that what I have achieved within a month, it’s amazing.

Many people say that it’s impossible but the word Impossible itself says that- I Am Possible.

Red Alert

Read your content twice-thrice, before you publish.

I want to share a good habit with you that my friend shared with me and it’s working, In fact, it’s working great. This has improved my quality and I am sure over a period of time, my writing quality will get better.

Take your time, don’t just publish something when you are done.

I am going to be sharing some tools & resources with you for your business, again that’s for free. You must be thinking that this guy is amazing, he is getting us so much of freebies. That’s right. I love sharing.

If I am getting it, what’s the harm in sharing and helping people in need. After all, sharing is caring.

Use Grammarly

Write in the comment section, how you go with that, just to start with. And if you know something better, do share this with me and other people.

6. How To Make Money While Blogging

Oh! Come on.

Now don’t tell me that you don’t know that, you can make money when people read your blogs.

Yes, that is true!

After all, you are sharing your experience and if people can learn from your experience and you can keep them engaged with your content then surely, you can make money.

But hey, I have a suggestion. Well, I won’t suggest that you write for making money because if you would just focus on money, you will start compromising on quality.

And frankly speaking, it’s your choice. This is indeed the best point out of the above 5 points but it does take time.

Your creativity gets killed when it comes to money matters.

Again go back and check your why.

What was the main reason why you started, if that was for money, that’s ok then and if this is just to share your knowledge with the World and connect with some cool people around the world then that’s a great platform?

How To Monetize Your Website?

I have shared the 6-key points with you all. Why you should begin today and start writing a blog?

No matter what, even if English isn’t your first language that doesn’t matter. I am encouraging you to begin this now. All the tools are available today. And it’s your mind that stops you from achieving your goals, don’t let your mind play with you.

The remote control of your mind has to be in your hands.

Till then, you all take care, stay motivated and blessed.

Remember- Knowledge Is Power & Learning Helps You Achieve Greatness.

The Choice Is Yours.

All the best!

Luv Khattar


DerrAd · August 23, 2019 at 2:33 pm

I couldn’t agree with you more, not being a native speaker of English is no excuse in starting a blog. I also had that mindset a year ago but that changed when I joined a community where I learnt to overcome that fear of making mistakes. One doesn’t start as a perfect blogger but you learn to perfect yourself along the way…the most important thing is getting started. Without mistakes, you never improve upon yourself. 

Now, I’m proud of myself for taking the first step but I still learn to improve myself and your article is one that I’ve found to be helpful. Thanks for sharing this 

    Luv Khattar · August 23, 2019 at 7:56 pm

    Hi DerrAd, I totally agree with you. It’s about starting. Over the course of time, you get better with your efforts. Thanks.

Christine · August 23, 2019 at 2:34 pm

I agree, it’s all in our mind. Only our minds are holding us back. And even if English isn’t your first language, it doesn’t matter. Through writing you improve. 

I like how you explained the steps to creating a blog, one by one, you’re making it look easy and doable. And it is, I also have a blog. Yes, it takes work and dedication, but you do it because you enjoy it, right?

Very good and inspirational post! I love your enthusiasm 🙂

    Luv Khattar · August 23, 2019 at 7:53 pm

    Thanks, Christine.

Floyd · August 23, 2019 at 2:36 pm

Great blog post considering English is your second language…

I would suggest a few tips you can add to your article for readers. 

Here are my suggestion

1-Use Short Paragraphs

If you limit each paragraph to only 1–3 sentences, this will dramatically increase the number of people who finish reading your post.

2-Write Curiosity-Building Subheadlines

When you’re writing blog posts, you should break your content into manageable sections by including subhead breaks every two to five paragraphs.
These subheads and sections usually correlate to the main points you want to make in your post – the points you included in your outline.
Subheads are useful because they increase readability, but more importantly, they create reader curiosity.
Most readers will scroll through a post, glancing at the subheads to decide if they want to read the entire article.

Again I love your article. just thought I would give you those tips so you can add them to your post to make it more actionable…

Keep up the awesome work.

    Luv Khattar · August 23, 2019 at 7:54 pm

    Hi Floyd, I have noted down these points that you suggested and I will ensure to make these changes to make this article more readable. Cheers!

Wendy · August 23, 2019 at 2:37 pm

You are an inspiration. English is my first language but I was really scared to put myself out there and write. But I did it because I knew it was what I needed to do in order to get better. And I learned that the more I wrote, even though it was difficult in the beginning, I got better and better. Now I have hundreds of blog post and am pretty proud of how much I have accomplished. 

Your blog is wonderful and I think your are a wonderful teacher. I like how you stuck with it. I’m sure your readers really appreciate your 6 steps to getting started with writing a blog for business. 

    Luv Khattar · August 23, 2019 at 7:51 pm

    Hi Wendy, thanks for your encouraging words. I really hope that everyone builds some good habits that will help them gain confidence in whatever they want to achieve in life.

Alblue · August 24, 2019 at 2:13 pm

I can relate with this. I an not a native English speaker (and writer), but I need to overcome my fear of communicating with English. I’ve started a new English website last year and it has quite good performance today. Grammarly is very helpful if you’re not an English native to check spelling and grammar error. I’ll be looking forward for your other articles here 🙂

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