How I take control of my life?

Hi, my name is Luv.

I have created this very special page/website where you can get the information and content about internet marketing & self-coaching.

How I started my journey with Digital/E-marketing?

I have been a sales & business guy all throughout my life. I have been involved with a couple of businesses here and there. I have also helped businesses grow while working in a job. During last year, I started to realize that the trends in the market are changing rapidly.

What do I mean by the trends?


It’s the buying psychology of the people. People are becoming more adaptive to new tech gadgets with the help of which making a purchase online is becoming easier & easier. It could be through a tablet, laptop or mobile phone.

People want easiness. No harm in that.  

Well, I am no different than you, first of all. Some of the situations triggered and help me gain awareness and that is how I stepped into the internet or E-marketing World.

  • I hated working in a job.
  • I hated doing something monotonous.
  • I wanted a lifestyle where I have all the freedom.
  • I didn’t want to invest my time to build someone else’s dreams.
  • My talents aren’t recognized. It is the person who knows who takes the position & title within a company. I am sure this must have happened to you a lot.

I was literally someone like you, waking up early to get to do the daily hustle and reach my office on time and starting to do what I hated the most all throughout my life.

Trying to convince the customers to buy a product because I will get paid some commission from $5-$50 on top of the salary. But all that I saw was a struggle and a never-ending fight to win. This is what I call the rat race.

There are other similar companies trying to sell the same product and I always asked myself. What is that I am doing differently?

I don’t want to be someone who will live his life hating to do what I don’t like at all.

So finally, I took the decision to quit my job but I am still active with my business activities (I invest my money here & there to make some extra money, sometimes it clicks and sometimes it doesn’t. Like stock market & real estate).

But I have a family, I have loved ones. Naturally, I have a fear that keeps me going to constantly struggle and fight for not only the bread and butter but work towards building my dreams.

I am using my fear to improve my life and obviously taking action. Not letting my fear scare me.

My dream is no different than you. It is to have my own house (well I have but not the dream of owning a Mansion), my kids getting good education, a debt-free life (Proudly, I am debt free now, yea no mortgage or anything at this stage), and money saved in my bank account for some rainy day. Last but not the least, I should be able to help someone who really needs me be it monetarily but morally I am always there to support anyone that I always do and that is the reason why my peers describe me as a self-motivated individual with great energy and they gain inspiration from me.

Isn’t that all we want?


Then, I came across this life-changing opportunity that was always in front of my eyes and I never figured this out.

It was right in front of my eyes and I took my first step really late but not that late that I will be regretful that I never took it.

Keep your right hand on to your heart and say if it’s not true. We keep asking God/Universe to give us some opportunity that is life-changing and it always existed but we resist to take action. And our inability to taking action doesn’t allow us to move forward in life and lead a healthy & most importantly a wealthy life.

Fear or No Fear? It’s all in your mind.

Our constant fear doesn’t allow us to reach the pond in a desert to fulfill that thirst for the freshwater. Thinking that it may be a mirage. I was like you but I was willing to take action.

And the result of the action is I am here in front of you not building dreamy castles but build my first ever website to open the channels of opportunities for not only myself but for all the others who dare to dream.

Why dream?

Dreaming is the first building block. You can’t build anything without dreaming. Your dream then leads to believing, believing then leads to planning, planning then leads to acting and acting finally leads to achieving.

Start thinking when you want to build your house what’s your first ever step. You start dreaming about what things you want where and the size of the bedrooms and all that. And thereafter, you start to put things on the paper with the help of an architect and then gaining council consents and upon getting the approval you lay down the foundation before placing the building blocks.

Am I right?

Similarly, everyone needs an architect in their life who can listen to you and after listening and finding the faults/problems with or within you, he should be able to help you with the knowledge he has obtained and then guide you in the right direction and draft an action plan to help you become what you really want to?

Let me be the architect who can help you design an action plan not only within the affiliate marketing World but also helping you personally to gain confidence and achieve your goals in life.

Why, what have I achieved in life before someone allows me to be the architect of their life?


Before enjoying success, one has to go through and taste many failures in life. And I am a live example of that.

My 8 characteristics that will be the deciding factor.

1. My innate ability to take action.

2. I am a dynamo of Motivation.

3. My fighting spirit even during the toughest of the situations that I Are you ready?have come across.

4. I have a passion to help people in need.

5. Over 10 years of business experience.

6. I don’t set such goals that are not achievable.

7.  I don’t take my failures as failures instead as an opportunity to learn more.

8. I try to make my coaching as engaging as possible. 

Now, why 8 characteristics, 8 is the number of transformation and it begins from here.

I have coached more than 150 youths during my lifetime so far and is willing to coach you too and help you open the mental blocks. Don’t stop where you are today, you don’t know what lies for you over the horizon.

I started within this industry as zero absolutely with no IT or technical background and today I have created my own website with the free training. I have built a platform for my online business. I am personally connected with many other like-minded people who handheld each other and are eager to help anyone to everyone.

My journey from a salesperson/manager to an online entrepreneur.

There are many people like me who started with no experience and have achieved greatness in the World of internet marketing. Start your entrepreneurial journey today by clicking this link below.

That’s basically my story up there.

I sincerely invite & encourage you to take advantage of the free training by reserving your seat here. Discover the secrets today that allows you to understand the concepts of Internet marketing and open the avenues for you in the whole new world of Internet marketing.

Don’t let excuses stop your growth. Connect with me for a better tomorrow.

Click the image below and sign up for the free training and build your first ever website yourself.

Start today.

All the best,

Luv Khattar

Your feedback is important and I highly value & encourage you to leave a comment below.




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Henderson · July 21, 2019 at 5:32 pm

Hi luv, this is really inspiring, I enjoyed reading every part of this post. Your story really touched me, I still work my full-time job and I started wealthy affiliate with the hope that I can make a living enough to quit my job and face it squarely. I would however love to take training from someone who has been in this business for a while. Thank you for the opportunity. I’m really grateful.

    Luv Khattar · July 21, 2019 at 5:48 pm

    HI Henderson, first of all, thanks for your kind words. There is definitely a lot of support out there and I would highly suggest and recommend to build your network and keep asking the questions. The destination may seem far but not impossible to reach. Just remember what your goal is and push yourself daily towards achieving it. All the very & God bless. Luv Khattar

Snigdha Alam · July 21, 2019 at 8:40 pm

Hi Luv,

Thanks a lot dude for your amazing post. Recently I left my job because from the job I can not get any freedom and I earned a. Limited amount. That was so irritating for me. After that I felt hopeless. Even I am not able to take my life’s decision. But by reading your post I realised that I have to be mentally strong and have to set my life’s decision. You have nicely expressed 8 characteristics that will be the deciding factor! That is amazing. I really enjoyed your writing. 

Thanks again dear. I will share your post to others.☺️

    Luv Khattar · July 21, 2019 at 9:31 pm

    Hello Snigdha, 

    Thanks for writing down the comment. I hope things go better for you. Just stay mentally strong and don’t let negativity take over you. I have also been through similar stages in life but you get to know about your best abilities during the tougher situations. Stay calm and observe more. The opportunities are around us it’s just that we need to able to recognize those opportunities. Stay solid. God bless. Luv Khattar.

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