5 Tips that help you make money with your Website.

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Alright, people as promised, I am bringing you the trendy ways with which you can make money with your website. These tips can prove to be your best call, so let’s begin without wasting any more time.

1. Affiliate Marketing– It is a great way to begin today. Pick up your niche whatever you are good at, it could be anything from food to makeup, skin care to health and so on. It could be any products that you have used or still using and can provide some reviews to recommendations.

Or it could be something that you have never used but you know a lot about it. That is how you choose a niche but don’t worry as I shall be writing another blog in which I will help you chose and identify a niche for you.

People will buy from your website only when they trust you and you start providing your honest reviews and feedback about such products. That is where your expertise and knowledge about that product will help you.

When people buy these products using your affiliate link, you get paid some commission by the company. The commission may range anywhere from 8-75%.


2. Build your own digital training products- There is a great potential to create & sell training/digital products. No doubt, this requires some skills & resources, there are initially some costs that are involved in building these training products but if the content is great & your products provide value to your customers then it is a big thumbs up because then people would be wanting to invest into buying and learning from your products.

The best part is, you are the one who is creating and selling this product which means you will be making the money yourself unless if you would like to pay someone else for selling your product. Example: Ask someone to generate leads or convert them into sales for you.

3.  Pay per click using Google Adsense (Advertise with Google)- When someone places an Ad with google, this ad is then placed on your website. Depending on the traffic on your website, you then get paid from Google if some ad is placed on your website and clicked by someone (Make sure to comply with Google’s policies).

4. Set up an E-commerce website- It is your your online business where you place your products to sell to the people. So, a very careful selection of the niche is required wherein you understand your customer’s problems and then select the right product for them.

A website actually acts as a bridge between your customers and solving their problems to find them the right product or services. And this is the real beauty of having a website.

You can now build a free website by clicking on the website link.

5. Build a subscriber’s list-  You now know that people love your blogs and why not you have put in a lot of efforts researching and finding some great content.

You don’t want them missing out on the information as this brings traffic on your website. In fact, they are now your prospects who now trust you because you are helping them with some great information. These people will be converted into leads and start buying from your website and this is what you really want. Isn’t it?

Make sure not to misuse the data by spamming people with your lucrative offers.

Comment below if you have any questions for me.

All the best.


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Michael · July 17, 2019 at 2:24 pm

Hi Luv,

Thank you for the tips on how to make money with your website. I am interested in setting up an eCommerce website. Do you have any tips on how I could do that with a WordPress website? I currently have a website that I would like to turn into an eCommerce site and I’d like to learn how to publish the items for sale and how to sell through PayPal.

Thanks a Ton!

    Luv Khattar · July 17, 2019 at 3:30 pm

    Hello Michael, 

    Thank you for raising this query on how to build an e-commerce site using WordPress. I have been asked by many people to write something on building an E-commerce website. Assuring that I will be soon writing a blog with some important links that you can use to build your E-commerce website.

    Also, it is super easy to link your website with PayPal. All you need to do is open an account with PayPal and install the payment plugins. 

    At the same time Michael, I would really recommend having a social media presence too for your business and this is based on my personal experience. I have been doing business(Selling) through facebook for over 6 years now. 

    I will keep you posted, I hope you have subscribed. 

Dave Sweney · July 17, 2019 at 2:32 pm

I get this question quite often from friends and other marketers. They want to know how they can make money with a website, and I can use these 5 super strong tips from you to provide some answers. Each has its merits and there are thousands that are using them every day right now.

Once you get this question answered, most people will then understand and be ready to get started with building their own websites. I am of the mind that everyone should have a website, no matter if they want to earn from it or not. IN these days of social platforms and all the time people spend online, to establish a presence just makes sense.

As I discuss the options you mention, I will have to remind people that this all takes a little to a little bit longer amount of time and effort. People are not going to flock to your website to buy what you may promote, not are they going to find your e-commerce store magically to make purchases, etc.

This is where getting some training and advice comes into play. You can glean the information needed through many resources, but it is easier to follow a proven plan and path I think. The Wealthy Affiliate platform is the ideal place to get the plan, the training, access to the tools you need, etc. 

    admin · July 17, 2019 at 3:39 pm

    Hi Dave, 

    That is so true and I totally agree with your viewpoint. People are slowly becoming aware of having a website. And this is not just about doing the business, it is about having a presence where you can connect with the people. 

    I always say that it is not the views but the view-point that requires a shift.

    And I truly admire your words here about how important it is to get trained with such a powerful community where people pull each other’s hand to raise their standard. All the best.

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