First of all, being influential doesn’t mean controlling or over-powering someone. It means to become a leader of/in the industry. So, who are these influential people, have you thought why are they influential or what makes them what they are today?

These are the people whom you seek advice from and why do you seek advice from them because they have spent years of gaining some mastery or knowledge about something. They are the people whom you can trust easily due to their expertise, knowledge, the way they have done and achieved the things for themselves. It’s their amazing work that speaks for them.

Now every business owner wants attention for their business otherwise your work remains un-noted and you don’t want that, eh!

To gain that attention, you need to become an authority or someone with the power of influencing and luckily, this is quite in your reach. Now, what could be the ways that help you gain that influence. The psychology of influence doesn’t come overnight, this takes years of effort, commitment, discipline & focus.

Plan your efforts & action anything to everything requires effort and these efforts cannot be directionless. Because if you don’t know where you are heading, your efforts may be wasted. Like when you plan a journey from your home, you plan out the things in advance that these are the things I am going to take with me and these are the destinations I will cover or visit, it could be from visa requirements to capital required to cover your food, flights, accommodation and other forms of expenses.

Similarly, the destination where you want to be in your life or the target you want to achieve has to be clear. Define the steps during the planning phases, no problems, if you have to go back & forth and do the planning again. It’s late done than never done.

Commitment, Consistency & Discipline You need to be committed & consistent with your efforts, no matter if you are putting a few hours initially but this will keep the fire within you and chances would be it will get achieved. Ensure to have an emotional connection with what you are doing, there needs to be a why and a very strong why. And ensure that you spend a few hours every day to nurture your dream, that’s what the discipline be.

Focus When you are an influencer, you must specialize and focus in 1 area rather than in several areas. Focussing on several areas doesn’t guarantee an influence, it surely guarantees knowledge which is essential. There is always something to add to your learning bucket list, no one can ever be perfect. Keep reading, experimenting, learning & growing.

Being authoritative People want to connect with people who have some value or exercise authority. Nobody would like to connect with you if you don’t have any worth or dignity. Always remember, it is the powerful or the influential people who appeal to others, not someone who doesn’t carry any value.

Be Scarce, don’t be always available If you are always available for someone, you lose your value. Don’t you think? Let me give you an example, you love a girl and she is kind of pretending that she likes you but at the same time she is dating someone else. The other guy is smarter not saying handsome but smart, understand the difference between the two. The first guy is always available during the hours of need but the smarter guy is busy with other things. The 1st guy has no value irrespective of whatever he has done for the girl but it is the 2nd guy who has more importance in life. You know why it is the game of demand & supply. If a product is available in too much demand and there isn’t enough supply of it, the price will be higher & vice versa.

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