Change your habits and achieve greatness!

Ohh! I am lazy, I can’t find work. I am living on government support and I don’t want to take charge in my life. I think God has made me like this. NO!

These are your habits, your attitude in life, your choices that is what is the result of what you are today.

You have stopped taking action in life. You have fear whether if I do this, will I be successful or not?

Stop the habit of over-thinking, stop procrastinating.. Get up. Get up now!

You don’t know what you have. You don’t know what you can achieve. Stop wasting time. Life throws challenges to everyone and you are not someone special who is coming across something special.

Let me define some of the best ways for you today and if you promise me that you will work on these from now onwards. You will change your life. 

Gain the essential skills to improve your life.


The most important & essential skill in your life is the big “A” word. Have you guessed it?

It’s the “ATTITUDE“, start changing your attitude towards life. Don’t take NO for a NO. NO is the “Next Opportunity“. Don’t lose your hope.

This is your first challenge. Can you promise yourself now that you will work on your attitude from today?

Find a mirror in your home and make this promise to you that you will work towards every single opportunity in life and is never, ever going to give up.

Improve your’s & your family life.

Start writing your goals that this is what you want to achieve and smell your goals every moment. Start living your goals every moment. Feel that moment when you will achieve your goal. Feel that moment of accomplishment.

Look there is No Gain without taking Pain.

When you go to a GYM, what you do is you continuously try to grow the muscles in your body and how you do that is by applying force to that particular muscle and slowly you see the transformation.

That is how your real life transformation would be, it may be slow but surely it is going to happen.

Exercise self-control & discipline.

Remember without self-control & discipline, it’s hard to achieve your goal.

You can think about it and do it one day and not the other, this is not happening, not done. You need to be sure that you work continuously on achieving something that you really want.

You got to make sure that there shouldn’t be a day that you don’t think & work on your goal.

You need to make sure to have a plan of how you want to achieve, what you want to achieve and by when. And don’t forget “WHY” you are working so hard?

I have mentioned earlier start to smell that moment when you will gain/achieve that thing. Start to live that moment now.

CLARITY of what you need in life.

Everything begins with believing.


Anything you want to achieve in life, it begins believing in something, You believing in something first and then it is achieved.

Your goal has to be something that is actually achievable, realistic and serving your purpose. It shouldn’t be something that you don’t have faith in.

You must have an endpoint before even starting the journey.

You must know where you are going. That is belief is. You must know that what will happen if you fail, will you get up.

You must have the courage and be unstoppable.


ASK yourself now.

Take action.

Well, I can write anything here and that will be useless. There is no perfect time to begin something. You will have excuses that I don’t have the resources, let me build up those resources first and then I will start, NO.

I was like you.

Start now. It’s actually Now or Never.

Start your journey today before it is too late.

Act now.

Start owning your DREAM.

Be Responsible & accountable.

Don’t be afraid of the failures as that’s going to be a starting point, it’s absolutely ok to fail. 

Every moment you fail, you will be closer to achieving greatness.

I wish you great success. 

Success isn’t a destination, it’s a journey and a never-ending journey.

All the very best.

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Shikha · July 15, 2019 at 3:46 pm

Hi Luv,

That is a great content to help someone change the habits.

Good luck!


    Luv Khattar · July 15, 2019 at 4:42 pm

    Hi Shik,

    Thanks for the feedback. Looking forward to serving you with great information in the future.
    Thanks again.


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