Are You Planning To Move To New Zealand?

Sharing 11 Years Of Living Experience In New Zealand

After living in New Zealand for a good 11 years, now the time has come to make a move to another country.

I migrated from India to New Zealand in the year 2008 and I will try to cover only such points that one can take away from my experience.

I migrated to New Zealand for my education and did a Diploma in management. And back then it was easy to gain residency after pursuing a Diploma in Mgmt and finding a suitable managerial role accordingly. Today, the things have changed and while you are traveling on a student visa or before you choose a course do a skilled migrant check on the INZ (Immigration New Zealand).

The hourly rate back then was close to $12/hr. You can find more information about wages or other business information here- MBIE.

I will discuss the wage rate and living expenses more in detail below- this will cover how much you would require to live in a city like Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch.

New Zealand Is At The End Of The World.

Higher living costs and things aren’t easily accessible because New Zealand is at the end of the World and is not very well connected to the other countries of the World. Please note- when I say connected it doesn’t mean that New Zealand doesn’t have good trade relations or general relationships with other countries.


New Zealand is a peaceful & multi-cultural country.

It’s mainly the shipping/transportation costs that are higher and even if you have to send something to the neighboring countries like Australia or Fiji, the costs are relatively higher than usual.

New Zealand imports the majority of things from other countries and there aren’t any industries in NZ.

And the only reason is to preserve natural habitats.

Yes, I have lived in one of the most beautiful countries of the World

Beauty costs- Isn’t that true!

When you would like to live in a country which is naturally the most beautiful country in the World.

You would want to make sure that you have enough budget to living happily in NZ.

Wealth or Peace?

What do you value the most in life?

Ask yourself this question first and then plan to come to NZ. NZ is certainly a country that promotes peace, multi-cultural living. If you are coming to living in NZ to become wealthy or a millionaire then the choice of the country may be wrong.

It may also depend on what business or job plans you have.

Who Are The People Making Money In NZ?

It’s the skilled people like plumbers, carpenters, IT & tech guys who earn a good living.

Other than the above-skilled persons, the people owning dairy farms, vineyards or anything relating to agriculture is something to be looked into.

The people in retail, sales, management, customer service or marketing- their salary varies anywhere from $40,000-$65,000.

The average salary in New Zealand is $55,000 that I heard from a friend who got this data from NZ stats.

Food, Living & Other Expenses Explained

There are 3 big food chains in New Zealand that are operated by Foodstuffs- the major food chains are Pak N Save, Countdown & New World. These are the places where people buy their daily need products from.

Other than the small retail shops where one generally goes during rush hours to grab fast food or take away food, these aren’t the ones you can rely upon for your grocery shopping because they are far too expensive.

New Zealand has multi-ethnicity and you can find pretty much most of the restaurants in major cities in NZ.

Cost of living calculator.

Let’s Work Out The Expenses

The cost of living is relatively higher than usual. I used to live in Wellington CBD where I used to spend $480 for a tiny 2 bedroom apartment and this was 5 years ago. The rents have gone ridiculously higher in CBD and outskirts too.

Then I moved to a suburb called Johnsonville that is closer to CBD- I paid $350 for a bedroom unit. The house condition wasn’t that great. Be careful while hunting for a house on rent. I ended up living in a moldy house and got sinus issues.

Be careful!

Current Wage rate in New Zealand is $17.80 approximately but you can find more information on MBIE link that I have provided above.

On a student visa, a person is only allowed to work for 20 hours, so work on your maths and have enough money kept aside during your student visa period.

Many students don’t prefer taking the insurance, I would highly recommend one having insurance for a rainy day. You don’t know when things go wrong with your health.

When you are on a student visa, the best option for someone is looking for sharing accommodation.

The average food cost varies anywhere from $50-$100/week depending on whether if you are having your food from outside or preparing at home.

Options with the phone & broadband- Vodafone, 2 degrees & spark. I was with 2degrees and I reckon its much cheaper to use 2 degrees and there is nothing wrong with their service too. Same with the broadband options too. You will have plenty of options to choose from.

Broadband generally costs you around $75/month for unlimited data.

Recently, I sold my house and moved into a bedroom house in Tawa that is about 20 mins drive from CBD. I paid $460/week.

Let us talk about house prices.

I have worked in the construction industry mainly sales. And due to the shortage of skilled construction labor, it’s really becoming difficult for the construction companies to wrap up houses on time. Better be careful investing in a new project due to uncertainty in the market.

The house prices are skyrocketing. When I bought my house, I was lucky to buy at a good price and then I was too skeptical about how the market is moving. The house prices have almost gone up by 150% and that is crazy but good people who have multiple properties.

So, you need to decide whether if it’s a good time to buy or to remain silent for some time and watch the market how it turns in about a year or so.

The only city in NZ that is still performing well is Wellington. The rest of the cities have stabilized in terms of pricing.

Well, that was my opinion. If there is smoke, there is a fire somewhere. I think it like this way.

Jobs, Business or Self Employment

In NZ many people side hustle to earn extra income may be from working from home over the weekends or late evenings etc. There is no harm in securing your future when you have big mortgage debt.


There is a wide range of jobs in NZ but that is limited to skills now.

The competition is increasing. When I arrived in New Zealand back in the year 2008, I found my first job within 15 days. I arrived on a student visa and slowly made my way through obtaining residency.

I will talk about the residency a little later.

I have worked in Retail, sales and have been self-employed too.

I have worked in restaurants, retail stores, the transport industry and in the office too. What I mean to say is once you gain the experience it becomes easy for you to have a variety of options.

If you are someone in IT and have a minimum of 5 years of experience than you can start applying for the jobs on either or and even for the other industries too. You will find most of the jobs advertised on the above 2 portals.

As I had mentioned earlier that the average salary is just about $55-60K, it’s good to be doing a side hustle to earn some extra money.

Me & my wife are entrepreneurs and that is how we make extra money and fall in the category of decent earners.

We run our business online and have been doing this for over 5 years now.

I will share with you now what options you have.

There are plenty of side income options one has-

10 Entrepreneurial Ideas In New Zealand- with low or zero investment.

1. You can become an Uber Driver and do Uber Eats on the side.

2. Many people are preparing and selling food from home.

3. Some people are tutoring from home.

4. Become a Baby sitter.

5. You can set up a cleaning company and start cleaning people’s offices or houses.

6. Buy a van and help people moving house items.

7. Do an online business from home.

8. Become an affiliate marketer.

9. Start a garage business like selling plants or clothes. It could be anything.

10. Do you know sewing or have any other skill, great you can start a business today?

    How I Earn Extra Income?

    I run my online business and use the idea of digital marketing to promote my business. I have been promoting & selling my products in different countries now.

    Get instant access to free resources.

    I believe in sharing my knowledge with other people so that they also grow in life.

    In the free tools and resources section, I have explained how you can start your own online business today.

    And also, if you don’t know what product to sell, I have also explained how you can choose a product and start selling online.

    Patience is the key!

    Rome wasn’t built overnight. Your business needs time & constant efforts.

    Ask & learn from someone who has actually done it. Don’t just believe me. Believe it by seeing through the tools/resources, I have provided you. Use free tools and service and explore success.

    Don’t just rely on learning and not implementing. Thinking & procrastinating doesn’t get you success. You have to start somewhere.

    Do you want to test whether if the online business is right for you or not?

    Test here for free.

    I hope the information that I have provided above will be useful to you all. If you find this information helpful, please share this with your friends, family or any person known or unknown who is planning to either travel or migrate to New Zealand.

    And if you have any questions or would like to know more about New Zealand in particular, please feel free to comment below.

    Thanks for reading.

    God Bless!

    Luv Khattar


    Charles · September 7, 2019 at 2:44 pm

    Thank you for this amazing post about new Zealand, I heard the high cost of living in new Zealand is due to the distance between new Zealand and other countries which is way too far. Please what are the major cities one can live in new Zealand? How can I apply for a scholarship as an international students?.

      Luv Khattar · September 8, 2019 at 3:54 am

      Hi Charles, you can try at Vic Uni in Wellington or look for AUT in Auckland. Good luck.

    JealousLi · September 7, 2019 at 2:49 pm

    Hi, Luv Khattar
    Your posts about are you planning to move to New Zealand is very useful, A friend of mine who did an IT job asked me this topic yesterday. He said: If you live abroad, which country would you choose?
    I told him: New Zealand, because I like the blue sky there, there is a sea, it is very suitable for life.
    Finally, thank you for all the things about New Zealand.

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