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Before looking at Jaaxy, life was really difficult with internet marketing and getting ranks on google. You know why, there is so much of data out there, I was kind of like what the hell?

In the photo here on the right below, this isn’t me by the way but I was literally feeling like him.

Holding my head and praying to God, find me something.

Where there is a will, there is a way”.

I have always been in sales and business development and this is something new that I am trying. And internet marketing/campaigning has become the talk of the day. Wherever you go, everyone is talking about it and as an entrepreneur, I don’t want to be someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about? And that is how my journey with internet marketing really started.

I put a strong emphasis on learning something new. Age doesn’t really matter, just a number. I literally ignore it. And you should too.

Then my search began and I came across this wonderful software called Jaaxy, yea baby, it just changed the way I was looking at the keywords online, spending my time, money to find out what should I use for my website and for the other business that I do.

And truly, I was amazed to see the productivity of it. Within a span of 2 days only, yea, just 2 days only. I got myself equipped with not only using the software that is so simple to use. As I was freaking out on google about how would I find the rank for my content/website and all that. Yea, it does take time but you don’t want to be starting from the wrong direction and going back & forth. Isn’t that right?

See, TIME = MONEY. I hope everyone agrees.

You don’t want to be hanging around on the websites, search engines for finding out something really small but extremely important.

My search really ended here. And I give Jaxxy 8.5 stars out of 10.

Use it, give it a rating if you like but this is my point of view. You could be someone giving at 10 off 10.

When you are new in the Internet world, you want to be ranked immediately although the process is straight forward with Google that it takes anywhere from 3-6 months to gain some rankings. But you don’t want that this period gets stretched out farther. That is the reason why I believe the way this keyword search engine is designed, it’s simple to use and even someone who is really new to the world of internet marketing can learn this within a fraction of hours.

Overview/Benefits of Jaaxy.

Top 7 points that help you find the best use of Jaaxy for your Online Business

  • Helps you find the ultimate keywords that are recognized easily by Google.
  • Helps you gain better ranking by the selection of the strong keywords.
  • Gives you an idea about the traffic that can expect by the use of the selected keywords.
  • Can you help you with the selection and purchasing of the domains?
  • Helps you form decision about a Niche.
  • You can now search for the right Affiliate marketing programs.
  • Highly recommended and useful to find what’s trending on the internet.

The below example shows you how Jaaxy software really looks like.


Let me know how do you find this software as I have got this search engine above for you to use. Just login and start searching. I hope you really like it. What’s your opinion, comment below.

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