How To Change Your Life For Betterment

Change Doesn’t Begin With Thinking Only.

It begins with applying.

I am here to discuss the methods with the help of which change actually became possible in my life and that too for a better living.

I promised myself back in the year 2014 that whatever happens, I am not going to be taking any more stress for whatsoever reasons.

For people living a good life, they always say that “Life is too short”.

Have you ever considered asking or thinking about people who don’t lead a good life- what’s their thought process like?

I have never heard them saying- Life is too short. They keep praying every day for a better life and I think most of them don’t get to live a better life. You Know why?

Forget To Take The Action.

They surely want to live a better life but forget to take action. They complain every day about how their life is treating them but they don’t understand the reasons why their life is treating them like this?

People with negative thinking focuses mainly on the problems they have but they forget that problems come with solutions.

They blame the universe, god and I don’t know whom for their circumstances?

It happened to me. That is how I know. I was a victim of bad thinking in the past. And things changed when I changed.

Sharing my real-life story

I am from a family who restricts big thinking- what do I mean by that? I was always told by my father that pursue engineering or get a degree and you will find a very good job and I believed him. But one thing I forgot to ask myself what is in it for me? I don’t want to be an engineer and why should I pursue engineering.

I failed, yea, I failed badly.

And the worst thing that could happen with me was- I quit.

That is just how everyone does and that’s exactly what I did. (If you don’t like something and you are dragged into it)

My thinking was paralyzed due to the people in my surroundings and the way I was raised in a confined state.

From the year, 2004-2008. But I was like that’s it. I got to break this barrier. And run away from the people who are making my belief system paralyzed.

And I left everything behind, even my family because my belief was not nourished. Instead, I was victimized and that was the reason I wasn’t growing personally & professionally.

What I did then?

I left the city and the country I lived in. Was that a good decision of my life?

Well, harsh but the truth is- Yes?

Why I am saying this?

I know you must be thinking, I could have changed my city and it could have been better. Why did I leave my family behind to gain success?

I live away from them but that doesn’t mean I am not connected with them.

I wanted to change my thinking, belief system and wanted to grow my knowledge. I wanted to build a better atmosphere around me, I wanted a fresh start in my life. I wanted to forget all the failures and write a new story, a success story.

What was I trying to do?


Yea, I was trying to change my mindset.

I was like a caged bird who forgot to fly. But never forget that when you are trying to change your habits, you have to first let go of the past and then you can create a better present leading to a better future.

It took me really long to break those barriers and gain freedom.

Freedom to experience a new world around me.

The journey just didn’t begin with changing the country. It took me several years to understand myself.

Believe me, if you can, I always asked this question until 2014- “what the hell is going on in my life.” Why can’t I be as successful as others?

But good things take time.

Time to experience the change actually began from the year 2014 onward.



I started to spend more time with me. Understanding what I am doing and why I am doing and what will be the effects of what I am doing?

Good or bad, you start thinking about it.

How did I come to know about this process of self-realization?

I started finding the inner meaning of life. I spend hours and hours researching about myself, doing meditation. And actually, when I started meditation, I become more aware of my surroundings- a bit more sensitive too.

I read several books around this time. If I have to recommend only one book that led to change in my thinking, approach and mindset is nothing but- Bhagawad Geeta!

The 7-tips, I gained from Bhagawad Geeta that changed my life completely

1. Build Values

2. Gain Morality

3. A life with Principle

4. Value of living a disciplined life

5. Have Ethics

6. Build your character

7. Live with a purpose

I am not promoting any religion neither do I believe in any religion. Frankly, I have been to temples, mosques, church and almost every place where people generally go to find God.

I am sharing the knowledge that helped me change my belief system and all this happened for a better life.

One best thing that I learned from Bhagawad Geeta

Don’t seek answers outside, the answers to your problems lie within you.

The 15-tips to living a successful, satisfied and a content life

1. Whom you live with real matters? Choose to live with people who encourage you and help you move in the right direction.

2. Live a purposeful life and don’t compare yourself to others.

3. Don’t expect anything in return of the favors that you do to others.

4. Serve others.

5. Express gratitude, be thankful in life. A life that is full of abundance.

6. Focus on 1 thing at a time.

7. Become self-aware.

8. Learn to let go.

9. Know the end result before you begin any work.

10. Understand your fears and cause.

11. Detach from the past, live in the present and do not attach to your future.

12. Sharing is caring.

13. Always follow the right path. What you do is what you get in the future.

14. Money can buy you a good bed but not the sleep, not good health either and not the peace. Don’t let money lose your happiness.

15. The best gifts you can give someone is love, respect, knowledge and time.



    Henderson · August 30, 2019 at 9:26 pm

    Wow, your story is a real inspiration to me. Its hard to really find ones self and sometimes this can lead to bad thinking. Bad thinking conversely leads to a bad life lived. I really like that you could share tour personal story with us. This is a truly good one and I’m glad I enjoyed every part of it. Thanks for sharing this inspirational post. I will make sure to put those tips in mind and live a better life with a better thinking

    Tracy · August 30, 2019 at 9:27 pm

    All these are golden and it constitute a good reward for the time I spent in reading this article.  Changing our ways of life requires a maximum amount of action that will take us beyond our comfort zone. Most people make the mistake of just changing their thinking without doing a follow up with proper actions. Learning to take the actions that would vhsmfe the course if our living is definitely needed. Among the tips you shared, the one I wish to contribute more on is in the aspect of living with the right people who has a right mindset that can help to radiate positive energy around us. My husband is an epitome of positivity and that has affected me a lot. Our ways of life cannot just change without firstly realizing who we are, what we want. Then, we take the necessary actions to break fee from the life we do not want.

      Luv Khattar · August 31, 2019 at 8:59 am

      Hi Tracy, I agree with you about living your life with the right people around as this helps you grow and results in positivity in life. All the best. 

    Tim · August 30, 2019 at 9:32 pm

    I can relate to you so much!

    I myself pursued engineering as a career path, and I too failed miserably. The difference is I chose that path myself and then I realised it really wasn’t something that I see myself doing for the next 30 or 40 years. I was depressed and I blamed myself every day for not being able to complete the degree. But earlier this year I realised life was so much more than being miserable and living in the past, and I want freedom, I want to do whatever I like with whatever I have. And that was when I decided to make a leap of faith and just started pursuing something I’m really passionate about, I don’t know what the future holds but at least for now I’m enjoying life because I have the freedom to do what I want to. And hopefully this can become a long-term career for me. 

    Thanks for sharing!

      Luv Khattar · August 31, 2019 at 8:58 am

      Hi Tim, I reckon it’s pretty much the story with almost everyone. Choices that we make today decide our future. It’s better to be failing at something and doing what you love the most rather than running after money. Money comes when you become great at something. All the best and thanks for commenting. 

    Russ Green · August 30, 2019 at 9:35 pm

    What an incredibly interesting read, I have recently been practicing positive mental attitude and positive affirmations to improve and change my life, I think most of us end up getting stuck in a rut, and the positive mindset I have applied has helped, however your article has shed some new light on changing the way and direction my life is or was going, this article has shown me there is much more than just a positive mindset, I would love to find out more about Bhagawad Geeta, and buy this book, but unfortunately I can’t find the link so I don’t know where to buy it.    

    Abayomi · August 30, 2019 at 10:07 pm

    Excellent article,I know that a man is a product of his taught and thinking,in life being optimistic is the key to good living.In life we have negative and positive experience,but we must  forget all the failures and write a new story, a success story is what makes man happy,a purpose driven-life is what everybody must eager to live and make a positive impact,I love your article very educative to me and I believe it has helped numerous people,thank you for sharing.

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