WordPress has made it possible.

You don’t trust me that building a website in 30 seconds is possible.

Alright, excited to show you, how I build my website with WordPress in just 30 seconds. Hold on to your seats. Oh! Wait!

Let me share with you how I found this method and how this is going to be useful for you to create your own website in any niche in under 5-7 minutes.

Are you a technical person?

Yes or No. Never mind..

I remember back in the old days when I was pursuing my Diploma in computers but I hated computers, it’s just that my parents wanted me to become an engineer but I was like, Naah!

So, I had studied a programming language back then and that’s almost 15 years ago from today. It’s called HTML & DHTML, I know you must be thinking how is this relevant to what you are going to show me now?

I am just wanting to let you know how complicated it built your own website back then, takes days to accomplish and complete a website task. You needed to know photo shop, PHP and I don’t remember what else, literally, other than 2 more programming languages that I have mentioned above.

So with this super amazing software called WordPress, the task that one finishes in several days is now a matter of seconds to minutes.

Back in the past, you needed some really advanced knowledge of programming and you got to be good at photoshop skills but now the WordPress has made it possible.

Alright, I will show you how- click at this video that will clearly show you how you can create your website in just 30 seconds.

Build your website in 30 seconds.

Learn how to build a website in 30 seconds.


Set up your free website here.

You can literally buy a free domain and start to build your website, be it for yourself or your business. Check this out.

You can now promote or sell whatever product you like on your website.

Get help from the community members if you get stuck somewhere.

1. You connect with the members. Ask them to support you to build a website. (Why would they help- everyone started building their first website like and it’s a culture that is developed and everyone here supports each other.)

2. Really simple training is available to show you how can set up your website in your selected niche.

And, once your website is ready, create a word of mouth and you can help others to build their website too, it is that simple.

Now that I have shown you one of the best ways to build your own website, I would request to come back to my website and put a comment below and share this page with your known people (Friends & family). Don’t you want them to have their own website for free?

Is that a promise?

And if you have any questions, feel free to comment below. I will be more than happy to assist you with the best of my abilities and try to get you the answers as soon as possible.


All the best, I hope your business flourishes.

Luv Khattar.

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Justin · August 17, 2019 at 6:34 am

Thanks for the info, I look forward to getting started.

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