How can you start an online business for free today?

How I started my Business on Facebook several years ago and how is that growing?

Follow these simple yet most powerful steps to build your online business now.

I will share this valuable information today with you all for free. People spend hundreds & thousands of dollars to get this information but I am sharing my experience on how I made my business successful?

Alright’ let me share this knowledge with you.

This 5-step guide can ensure that you can start something within a day.

The 5-step guide to starting your business now.

These are proven steps by the way and I have helped my friends, family and don’t really know who others have been benefited with this. So let us begin.

1. Find your Niche or the product selection-

I want to tell you guys something, don’t get carried away by the niche. Niche is simply your passion into something or maybe you have used some product in the past or are still using it and liking it and have enough knowledge about it. This is how you choose your niche.

So, just an example here- Your niche could be something related to your hobby, sports, health & beauty, makeup products that you may be using, could be related to baby products whether you are full-time mum, it could be anything guys. You can literally share your daily experience with someone.

What you are simply trying to do is, you are going to be helping people with your knowledge in the selection of the products and you write reviews about those and this could mean- why do you think that I should be using this product or why do you think that I should not be using this product or service?

With the help of your reviews, you are going to be generating an income. I will discuss with you about the monetization process in detail in some other blog.

Other examples of the niche could be- shopping, clothes & accessories, computers, electronics, mobile phones & other gadgets, you dance that’s great- you can build an online dancing tutorial store and start generating an income on the side. There is nothing like a right or a wrong niche, let me clarify that!

Find the USP (Ultimate selling point).

HOW? Just Wait & Watch.

2. Planning & Why?

Everything begins with planning. You have an idea that’s great! But you want to make sure that the idea you have will help you make money online. Isn’t that what you really want?

That’s where your research work actually begins. Start considering the demands & competition about that product or service that you have on offer.

Check the stats how many people are daily, weekly, monthly or yearly buying that product? Where are they buying from? Who is sourcing the product and how is it getting sourced? You don’t want to lose out on the margins, that’s where your research will be beneficial.

Alright. Alright!

I am just trying to help you. More the information you can take and absorb the better it is. This is the first step to becoming an Entrepreneur, not just the Niche but your “ATTITUDE” to become an entrepreneur. You have to start realizing that you are going to be doing many things of your own. This is your business, you are accountable and responsible, so don’t run away from duties/responsibilities. This is how you prepare. The money you save is indeed your profit.

Entrepreneurs have an attitude to learn and accomplish most of their things by themselves. When you are starting new, you don’t want to be spending your hard-earned money on pity things, so get into the habit of doing the things by yourself now.

Alright, let’s get back to planning, I was just motivating you not to leave, there is nothing that is easy- even your 9-5 job isn’t easy. If you think that it’s not your cup of tea, stop now- it is only for the people who have the courage to take their dream on their shoulders and walk.

Planning is the key. You must start this by writing business & a marketing plan. This might take you a couple of hours. You don’t have to write this professionally, you aren’t going to show this to your teacher. This is your direction map. Stick to this. You may have to go back & forth, might have to change a few things. This is about forming the strategies for your business.

This will help you keep track of yourself.

I am happy for you that you are done with this. Now the next step is- “TAKE AN ACTION”.

Are you ready for this?

Don’t be lazy, you have a direction. Go slow. No one is asking you to run.

3. Build your Website

Since your product & planning is done. Time to open your store. Let me tell you a marketing principle, it may be possible that you may have already heard about it, the 4P’s. What do they stand for?

  • Product
  • Place
  • Price
  • Promotion

Website- World Wide Web. It is your online store just like a physical store, when you go to a shop to buy something, it is exactly similar to that. In this case, you don’t have to invest in buying shelving, POS (point of sale), etc but you have to invest into buying a domain (A domain is a name by which people will know about your website, it is a website address, just like mine and hosting server( A hosting server in simple definition is an owner that allows you to rent a place just like you become a tenant for a store you go and place your products into).

I have made a few videos and I will place the link below which will simplify these terminologies. Don’t get panicked, you are doing awesome.

So, your website allows you to place your niche products in it for sale (E-commerce). Start putting content in the form of reviews or blogs or maybe some other E-commerce products and go to the next step and this is about selling your products and getting paid.

Time to make some Money, Honey!

4. Establishing the payment methods

How are you getting on? I am sure must be getting excited now because it is the time when we start to talk about money.

How to get payments for the sales that you do online?

There are payment methods like PayPal and other payment gateways like Stripe that allows you to accept the payments from the customers who make a purchase online through your store (website). There are other methods of payment too if you are operating this within the country like a Bank transfer or accepting the direct credits through Internet banking.

It is very simple to establish and link this to your website. All you do is contact PayPal and set up an account with them. They don’t charge you anything upfront, when there is a payment made to you after the sale of a product then they charge you about 2.5% of the total amount which is not too bad according to me. (check for the exact percentage with PayPal directly)

Instead, you pay someone monthly, you are paying them on the payments that you are receiving. It is one of the most secured & trusted methods of receiving and sending payments.

Really easy to sign up with PayPal and Stripe. If required just comment below, I can send you the details of the sign-up. I am excited that we are almost coming to an end here.

How are you feeling now?

Yea, it takes a while but you will get a hang of it.

5. Create some noise out there through your Social-media accounts and maybe you can start emailing your friends, family, and other connections.

Look, every part that I have discussed with you is important and if you skip even a single point out of those, I am sorry, I will feel bad for you not being able to take the advantage of the knowledge that I am sharing with you. Your success is my success.

The last part may seem easy but often turns out to be the scariest of all.


Yea, scary.

And I have experienced this many times. People close to you, they could be your friends, family, society, they start to drag you down. They will say why are you doing this? Why are you wasting your time & money? You won’t be successful. And there could be times when on FaceBook, you may be friends with 1000 people but only a few liked your page. Don’t get upset, this is the new beginning and people don’t like the change and they try to stop others too.

RememberWhy have you started this?

Go back and read the direction plan. Read and restart.

Don’t get carried away by emotions.

This is scary because you are taking action. And people will try to stop you at every phase.

Everyone must follow their heart and when you are walking alone, you come across your purpose and when you are walking in a group, you are trying to accomplish someone else’s purpose. It all comes down to what you want in life. You want a better life for yourself, where you are not the victim. The choices you made are helping you grow in life.

Lion walk alone not along!

You are the master of your destiny, you have come this far not to stop but to move ahead.

I value your feedback (comment below) and do share this post with someone you care and spread the word out there.

I am leaving some links for you below where you can build your free website and also get some training that will be beneficial for you to learn and create your website with no technical skills required.

Don’t wait for the success to come by chance, make a step and get closer to your success.

You can also watch my training videos on YouTube now.

Let’s begin the entrepreneurial journey today.

All the best.

Luv Khattar

Search for my YouTube channel- Luv Khattar.

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