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Hello Everyone, My name is Luv Khattar and I am here to help people who desire to learn about entrepreneurship. Why me- It's only because your success is my success. I may yet not be the biggest but my desires to become unique will always keep the fire alive within me.
Luv Khattar

Luv Khattar

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I Know We Are No Different Than Each Other. Why I Am Saying This Is Because That Is How I Started My Entrepreneurial Journey. We could have the similar why's- I wanted a business that could help me generate a passive income. I wanted to start a business within very low costs and secure the future of my family. I wanted to initiate something with the help of which I can really help other people to secure a better living. I always wanted and still want to inspire people. I always wanted something with the help of which I can express my creative self-expression. This could be the right business for you too if it is for me.

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